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Access Your Clipboard History Quickly and Easily


Choose Your Approach


With as little as two clicks or two keystrokes, you can access up to 10 recent clippings. With an additional click or keystroke access even more (up to a configurable max). As long as SwiftClip is running, any text that you copy will be automatically added to its history.

Pro version: Get notified when something is added to SwiftClip and show the app.

Wherever, Whenever


Change the keyboard global shortcut that brings up your clipboard history to suite your workflow. SwiftClip will appear no matter where you are. Or access it view the macOS menu bar. You can even make SwiftClip stay on top of other windows for a constant view of your clipboard history.

Pro version: Automatically switch back to the last application after copying from SwiftClip!

Putting It All Together


Copy multiple clippings from your history and concatenate them with a customizable delimiter. Now you can easily combine multiple items into a single piece of text that you can immediately paste into another application.


The fast clipboard manager for macOS

If you are constantly going back and forth between applications because you forgot to copy something, SwiftClip is for you! Access as many items from your clipboard history as you want and copy them between applications with just a few key strokes or clicks. You can even combine multiple items into a single piece of copyable text!

Coming Soon!
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